Virtual consultation

The best way to evaluate your nose is to have a direct consultation with a specialist. However, as an alternative, you may have a virtual consultation. This is most useful for our foreign patients or for those who need some support and guidance in making the decision whether to undertake the surgery or not.

In the first step, please take photographs from requested angles. You can take photos by camera or by your phone. Required views for a nose are front view, side view (both sides), oblique view (both sides) and base view. When taking photos, please make sure that the background is as even tone as possible and that there is enough light.

Next step is to describe features of the nose or ear(s) which you may want to modify. Do you have a hump? Is there a deviation of the nose? Is the nasal tip drooping or bulbous?

Please send this information with photographs to

Dr. Kasenõmm will personally review the photographs that you submit and will email you an opinion about your nose, about the possibility to perform operation and methods to be used.