Preoperative instructions

Before surgery

  • It is strictly forbidden to take aspirin and its derivates, ibuprofen, drugs with blood thinning properties, vitamin E, Omega-3 capsules, Ginkgo biloba and other herbal food supplements 1 month before surgery. It is prohibited to drink herbal teas, to take high quantities of alcohol, energy drinks and eat cherries 1 week before surgery.
  • It is necessary to be healthy for 10 days before the date of surgery. We will have to postpone the operation of our patients with active flu, cold or lower and upper respiratory tract infections.
  • As rhinoplasty is done under general anaesthesia, do not eat or drink anything, including water, at least 6 hours prior to the surgery. An exception can be made for some prescription medications – please consult with your primary care physician and surgeon about this. Your surgery will be cancelled if you fail to follow these instructions.
  • Preoperative blood tests are taken couple of days before surgery. For patients coming from abroad we will do blood tests at the arrival to the clinic.
  • Before operation, your surgeon will meet with you to discuss the latest details about your nose. The duration of the surgery can vary from 1.5 to 5 hours. Hump removal usually takes 1.5-2 hours, full rhinoplasty approximately 3 hours and extensive revision rhinoplasties 4-5 hours.
  • Please understand that we could not guarantee Photoshop simulations. Simulations are done during preoperative consultation to show approximate result. Simulations cannot always be reproduced.

Keep in mind:

  • Leave all valuables at home; do not wear jewellery
  • Do not wear any facial or eye make-up
  • You may wear glasses but do not wear contact lenses
  • You are not allowed to drive a car by yourself after your surgery. It is advisable to take a taxi or have a friend or family member drive you home (or to the hotel) after your operation