How to come

How to come to Kotka Erahaigla clinic

Following information is for those who are willing to come for rhinoplasty in Kotka Erahaigla directly, without an intermediary service.

If you come from Finland, you can come on the same day with the very first ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. At the port, take a taxi to Kotka Erahaigla clinic. If you come from another country by flight, we recommend arriving to Tallinn a day before and stay overnight at the hotel. Kotka Erahaigla opens its doors at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Before surgery, you should not eat nor drink for 6 hours. Blood tests are done at the hospital after your arrival.

The surgery fee includes one night at the hospital after surgery. Any additional day before surgery (instead of staying in the hotel) or after surgery costs an extra 175 EUR. If you are accompanied with someone who wants to sleep in your hospital room, he/she also has to pay 175 EUR per night. The surgery fee also includes some required drugs after surgery (pain killers, antibiotics, antibiotic cream). You can pay for your surgery upon your arrival or you can ask for an invoice beforehand that will be e-mailed to you. If you are planning to pay by card, please check your credit card limits to make sure there will be a smooth and problem free payment procedure. Payment has to be done before surgery (upon your arrival or bank transfer beforehand). In any case, you will receive a receipt for your payment. There will also be a signed agreement between you and the hospital.

After surgery, you will stay at the clinic overnight. 24/7 nursing care is provided. During the next morning, the nurse in charge will give you instructions for postoperative care. Instructions and how to remove the cast are also provided. You are then discharged from the hospital and you may make your journey back home.