Rhinoplasty, small correction (e.g. hump removal), general anesthesia2500-3000 EUR
Correction of nasal tip only, general anesthesia3000-3500 EUR
Correction of the deviated nose, general anesthesia3000-3500 EUR
Full aesthetic rhinoplasty, general anesthesia4500-5000 EUR
Correction of heavily deformed nose, general anesthesia5000-6000 EUR
Nostril surgery, general anesthesia1500 EUR
Nostril surgery, local anesthesia1000 EUR
Otoplasty, unilateral, local anesthesia850-1000 EUR
Otoplasty, bilateral, local anesthesia1500-1700 EUR
Otoplasty, bilateral, general anesthesia2000-2200 EUR
Repair of gauged earlobes, local anesthesia250-300 EUR